IT Nexus nexVIEWer Help  

Address Search

The Address Search Tool will quickly zoom to an area on the map based on Address or Intersection, Subdivision Name, or Parcel Legal Description.

Search by Address or Intersection

  • Select the type of address search from the tabbed list.

  • The address input fields will depend on the type of locator selected.

  • Enter the address information for the area you want to see. Optionally, enter the two cross streets of the intersection you are looking for, separted by the '&' charater.

  • Press the Find button.

  • If a single address match is found, the map will zoom to the address and place a Map icon for identifygraphic on the map. If more than 1 potential match is found, a list of results will be displayed. The higher the percentage match rate, the closer the result is to the entered search address.

  • Click the result with the left mouse button to zoom to the location on the map and place a Map icon for identifygraphic at the address location.