IT Nexus nexVIEWer Help  


Application Layout

The nexVIEWer Web Mapping Application page has four main parts:
  • Along the top, left corner of the layout a MENUBAR with drop down lists of available tools. Selecting a tool from the dropdown list will open the tool in a dragable panel. Hovering the mouse over the menubar will activate the menu controls.

  • The MAP AREA fills the extent of the browser window and will resize with the browser.
  • The TOOLBAR, on the top left side of the layout, allows interaction with the map and provides navigation tools and information about the map. Hovering the mouse over the toolbar will activate the tool controls.

  • The TOOL DOCK, on the bottom of the layout, provides a place to dock minimized tools when they are not in use. Hovering the mouse over the tool dock will activate the control.

Working with moveable elements

All nexVIEWer map tools may be moved around the page, minimized to the tool dock and closed. You can arrange these elements to suit your own work.

To move elements, click and hold with the left mouse button on the title bar of the element. Drag the element to the position you want, then release the mouse button.

To minimize the element, click the "_" icon in its upper right corner. The element window collapses to its title bar. To restore it to normal view, click tool button in the tool dock.

Close a moveable window by clicking the "X" icon it its upper right corner. Tools may be re-opened from the MENUBAR.

If two or more tools are stacked on one another, a single left mouse click will move the selected tool to the top of the stack.