IT Nexus nexVIEWer Help  

Print Map

The Print Map Tool allows you to export the map image in the LRIMS viewer to a formatted PDF document. The map PDF will preserve the extent of the map in the application.

NOTE: Because the page size may differ from the screen size, the application map scale is not preserved. This may cause some scale dependant layers to not be displayed in the PDF map.

To save a map

  1. Enter a title for the map.

  2. Select a layout from the drop down list.

  3. Press the Print Map button. The length of time required for the print task to complete depends on the size of the map layout, and the number of layers and number of map services. in the map display. You may continue to work with the nexVIEWer mapping application while the print task is working. Once the print task is complete, the PDF file will open in a new window. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed to view the document.