IT Nexus nexVIEWer Help  

Search Results

The Search Results tool will display the data associated with the features returned by nexVIEWer search tools.

Using the Search Results

The Search Results Display is divided into two view panes:
  • The Feature pane on the left displays the items returned by the search. Clicking an item will highlight the item and refresh the Details pane on the right. Double - Click the item to zoom to the feature on the map.

  • The Details pane on the right displays the attributes for the selected feature. The columns may be resized by placing the mouse cursor between the column headings, then pressing the left mouse button and dragging the column to the desired with. The Search Result details may contain hyperlinks to additional information. Click the hyperlink to display the information in a new browser window.
  • Click the "X" icon at the top right corner of the Search Results Display to dismiss the window and clear the selection from the map.

Export to Excel

To view the selected results in Excel, click the Export to Excel button (see graphic above). After a few moments, the following message will appear:


Click the Open button to view in Excel.