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FILING DEADLINES: The typical deadline for filing a notice (having it postmarked if you mail it) is midnight, May 15th.

A different deadline will apply to you if:
Your specific protest filing deadline is printed on the appraisal notice. The ARB will determine if good cause exists for missing a deadline. Good cause means that something beyond your control, such as a medical emergency, prevented you from meeting the deadline.
WEEKENDS, HOLIDAYS: If your deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday. It is postponed until midnight of the next working day.

Under Tax Code Section 41.45, a property owner may appear or participate in the ARB protest hearing in one of three ways: in person at the hearing; by telephone conference call; or by written affidavit submission.

A person participating in an ARB hearing by telephone conference call or by written affidavit submission must submit evidence with a written affidavit delivered to the ARB before the hearing begins. A completed and signed Form 50-283, Property Owner’s Affidavit of Evidence to the Appraisal Review Board, may be used as the affidavit to submit evidence before the ARB hearing. Evidence may be submitted for any hearing type either in paper or on a small portable electronic device (such as a CD, USB flash drive or thumb drive) which will be kept by the ARB. Do not bring evidence on a smart phone. The ARB’s hearing procedures regarding all the requirements to properly submit evidence on a small portable electronic device must be reviewed.

The Comptroller’s office may not advise a property owner, a property owner’s agent, the chief appraiser or any appraisal district employee on a matter that the Comptroller’s office knows is the subject of a protest to the ARB. Consult Tax Code Chapter 41 or the ARB hearing procedures for more information.

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Accounts not represented by an agent (except for mineral interests) may be protested online with an online protest ID. The online protest ID is printed on your Notice of Appraised Value or you may contact the appraisal district to be assigned an ID.
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